Drum Circles are contagious, spontaneous, expressions of rhythm.  You don’t have to be an expert to participate, and at the OM centre, you don’t have to have an instrument, because we provide them all.

Drum Circles at the OM centre are lightly facilitated, which means you’re not on your own.  The facilitator will help the group explore rhythms created in the moment, using hand drums and other percussion instruments.  Special attention will always be paid to the skill level of all drummers to make it an enjoyable rhythm experience for all.

Although the OM centre drum circles are not classes, we will always introduce the instruments, and give brief instruction on how to play the instrument(s) you have chosen to play.

Please check the calendar to find the date of the next OM centre drum circle.  The weekly Good Vibrations Drum Circle is donation based, and has a suggested donation of $5-$10.


Drum Circles