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OM Rhythm Circles

NEW!  Ossie is facilitating the REMO “Rhythm Wellness And You” East Coast online/virtual drum circles, every other Thursday evening at 7 p.m. EST.  Go here to register (one time only):  Connect with others and play along to OM Rhythm Circle and Sound Bath vibes.

Rhythm (drum) circles are contagious, spontaneous, expressions of rhythm, and are one of the most popular forms of group recreation for people of all ages, and from all walks of life.  Anyone can drum and/or play percussion instruments, and everyone can benefit from rhythm making without any former training or experience.


Ossie calls his lightly facilitated circles, Mindful Rhythm Circles, because he combines the practice of mindfulness with creating rhythms.  He helps his groups explore, and enjoy creating rhythms in the moment, using hand drums and other percussion instruments.  Special attention is always paid to the skill level of all players to make it an enjoyable rhythm experience for all.

People have been playing percussion and creating rhythms since the beginning of time.  Drums and other percussion instruments have been used for ritual, ceremony, celebration, & healing, all over the world.  Rhythm is inherent in all cultures, races, ethnicities, and sexes.  It soothes, energizes, and exhilarates.  There are no boundaries when we drum and make rhythms together.


That’s why we drum!  We drum because it makes us feel something.  We all begin our existence hearing and feeling the rhythm of our mothers’ heart beat.  We are born with rhythm, so let’s feel it and enjoy it.


Sometimes we have to make ourselves do the things that are inherently good for us, like eating the right food and exercising.  And when we find something that is relatively easy for us to do, that doesn’t take too much effort, and that's enjoyable, then we’ve found the rhythm in our life.


Drumming and creating in-the-moment rhythms can become infectious.  Once you start you’ll wonder what took you so long to find something so compelling, easy & fun.  So why not take the next step and try it, to experience this transformational feeling.

Although generally Ossie’s rhythm circles are not classes, he always introduces and gives brief instruction on the instrument(s) you have chosen to play.


the OM centre drum circles are by appointment only, and the cost varies on location and type of event.  Ossie is the founder of OM Rhythm Circles, drum and percussion circles that are brought to you! Ossie facilitates rhythm circles for private and corporate events, schools, retirement & rehabilitation homes, and numerous other groups.  Please contact Ossie for information to book your private rhythm circle at your location.


Ossie is a REMO Endorsed Facilitator.  

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