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The OM centre is the greatest new gift to the community with an abundance of drums and musical instruments to choose from. Weekly drum circles are run by Ossie Mair who is the most engaging drum facilitator I have experienced. His sound baths are filled with the most beautiful sounds that seem to recalibrate every cell in your body. I always leave feeling balanced, relaxed and recharged!!! I have done sound baths before, however what Ossie does is unique and creates a one of a kind experience!!!!  - Lauryn

I had the pleasure of experiencing my first sound bath here with Ossie, and it will not be my last here. Ossie has created such a peaceful and inviting space. The vast variety of instruments take your body and mind on a journey it will thank you for. The session ended and I indeed wanted to return for more.  - Tanee


As good as it gets. You open the door and immediately walk into a sanctuary. The lighting is womblike, and the subtle vibrations of the "still" instruments are pulling you in.  WOW. Loveeeeeed being here. Ossie connected with the flow of the Universe and began to play an assortment of instruments. There were gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, that xylophone sounding piece, and many more that I don't know the names to. He remained a channel and he delivered what we all needed. We enjoyed being around such a Divine masculine presence. Then we found out, Ossie doesn't just hold sacred space with instruments but he works with children and is a LMFT! YES! A spiritually uplifting fellow indeed. Much Blessings and Abundance to you. – Markedia


My husband and I visited the OM Centre to attend one of Ossie's sound baths right before a much needed vacation.  Showed up on a rainy evening and was transformed as soon as I walked in.  This was our first time at the OM Centre and it was clear Ossie put a lot of thought into the space down to the details.  The session itself transported us to another place and time.  It was the perfect remedy for a stressful week.  Full mind/body sensory workout.   Looking forward to the next session. – Genia


Experienced the sound bath for the first time and it was amazing! So relaxing that I fell asleep towards the end. I plan to bring a friend with me next time and hopefully I'll stay awake. :). - Kim


This was an amazing experience! Such a sacred space, wonderful energy & amazing sound bath!! I absolutely loved this experience & cannot wait till I get to go again! I can't say enough good things for this experience. I’m just floating in happy right now. – Renee


Ossie Mair, MFT is a licensed  psychotherapist who offers a Sunday afternoon Sound Bath. Its an  extraordinary sound journey that takes you out of  your daily worries and chronic mind chatter. My friend and I both noticed that our voices actually seemed deeper afterwards! Crystal bowls, drums, didgeridoo, percussion, steel pan and more swirl you in sound.  This is medicine for the modern era. Check his calendar and go! - Crescent


I would have to say the sound bath is definitely one of my top 5 coolest experiences. Take your shoes off, lay down, close your eyes, and enjoy an adventure of sound wash over you.  Ossie hosts an amazing show of drums, digeridoos, gongs, chimes and a variety of instruments that seem from another world.Truly spectacular. I strongly recommend. – GiGi


Been here a few times now for a drum circle and a couple soundbaths and I am delighted to go back soon! Unique soundbath experience! Ossie plays multiple instruments including gongs, crystal bowls, the didgeridoo, and many many more making for a soundbath that tells a story while satisfying all your senses! Love this place! Thanks Ossie! – Lynn


I recently went to one of the sound baths at the OM Centre. What a great experience! Ossie was very welcoming and accommodating and the sound bath itself was very healing. I walked in with a bit of a stress headache and left completely peaceful and at ease. A lot of very cool instruments that ranged from thunderous in sensation to quiet and serene. I will definitely be back! – Chris


One try and you're hooked to feel where musical instruments can take you- in a place of complete peace and meditation.  It really takes you thru space and time. You will find yourself feeling stress free and relaxed.  The Centre is so clean and inviting and the facilitator is awesome!  Everyone who attended wants to come back with more friends. It's the new form of massage therapy. – Sanjay

This was my first time to ever do a sound bath, and the OM Centre was highly recommended. Ossie, the facilitator/musician was sweet, and kind and you become at ease immediately.   He explained vibrations, and how like meditating, you are to try and be relaxed, and let the sound bath do its work on you. These marvelous sounds slowly and quietly blend into these tones and seems to circle your head, and then they blend away, as new sounds (sounds I've never heard before, ever) blend in and take over to become the sountrack of your thoughts. I started seeing a movie of colors and images in my mind with my eyes closed. I was between lucid dreaming and anticipation of the next sound he somehow seems to make with these instruments. I fell right into the zone during Ossie's sound bath within about 4 minutes into it. I recommend it to everyone, it's relaxing and just amazing. I AM DEFINITELY GOING TO GO AGAIN.  Thank you OM centre! - Emily

I went to my first sound bath session with Ossie and it was magical.  The space is an oasis of carpets, pillows, and every instrument from didgeridoos to singing bowls to gongs. Ossie created an environment for me and the others in the group to take a shamanic journey through sound.  It's other worldly and deeply healing.  I loved that it was on a late Sunday afternoon, washing the cares of my week away so I can start the week soulfully refreshed. – Cindy

That was the most beautiful sound bath I've ever experienced. Ossie, thank you for playing with so much heart and soul; I could feel your joy and happiness while playing for us. Still feeling the peaceful vibe :-) - Cheryl

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