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Sound Baths

the OM centre Sound Bath Experience is a journey of pure sound and vibration.  It is called a sound bath because you are bathed in the healing vibrations of Gongs, Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls, Didgeridoos, Hand Pans, and other gentle, relaxing instruments.  You are immersed in sound, allowing it to vibrate away the negativity and tension in your body and mind, replacing them with positivity, peace and harmony.  And because we all respond differently to similar stimuli, so too, each person will experience the sound bath in his or her own unique way.

For instance, if you have an ongoing meditation practice, you may feel like the sound bath takes your meditation to an exciting new level.  Or for those seeking emotional or physical healing, the gongs and bowls may induce chakra balancing, and leave you feeling more peaceful and at ease.  But don’t worry, you don’t need to have a meditation practice or even know what chakras are, to experience an unparalleled feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation.


Due to the demands of our daily lives, the increase in stress-related disease in modern society is a fact.  Stress is like an over-amping of the nervous system, and has many contributors.  Many external, as well as internal influences, such as the foods we eat, people we encounter, thoughts we think, sounds we hear, environments we move within, etc., have a proven, negative effect on our well-being.  Therefore, the goal in all healing, meditative, and transformational pursuits is to restore the intrinsic state of balance within our body, and if possible, to effect this change from the inside.


Sound & music are nutrients for the nervous system.  We are constantly being vibrated, on a cellular level, by heard, and unheard sound frequencies.  Sound is vibration that produces resonance and rhythm in our bodies, and touches us and influences our emotions like no other source of input or expression. The vibrational nature of the gongs, bowls and other instruments, trigger all cells of the body to resonate simultaneously in a most powerful & effective way.  And so too, the sound bath experience will have an incredible, and profound effect on your well-being.

During the Sound Bath, you will either lie on your yoga mat, or just sit comfortably in a chair and let the soothing sounds wash over you.  You may want to bring a blanket and/or pillows to make yourself as comfortable as possible.  Most people close their eyes and let the music take them on a gentle and transformative journey.  Typically, a  state of deep relaxation is achieved, and some people even fall asleep.  There’s nothing wrong with this.  It just means that your body needed this time to fully relax.  You should dress in comfortable clothing and be prepared for an exciting new experience.  No two sound baths will be the same, so even if you’re a seasoned sound bath participant, you will be pleasantly surprised by the OM centre Sound Bath Experience.  


the OM centre Sound Bath Experience is by appointment only.  Cost varies for private events based on location and number of participants.

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